Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trendencias News: Chiara Ferragni and has its own iPhone app


It ends with her ​​week and want to do a review of the most talked about news in the fashion world. Very different from each other but with a feature: all talk about fashion. And we begin this post with a story that I, personally, left me petrified: Chiara Ferragni has launched an iPhone application for your own blog .

Updates on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the blog is what we will find it. To be engaged 24 hours a day 365 days a year to their world. And the best / worst part? Its more than 17,000 downloads in less than 24h. Fear gives me this girl ...

  • Moving on, Barney's has presented the latest made ​​backstage at Victoria's Secret. If the topic interests me awake and alone, the actions of Mr. Ton worth: details that we had not seen before like shoes or wings lucid fantasy.
not_02 One of the items of Markus Lupfer x Asos
  • Marni has unveiled its new models of bags taken from the Resort 2013 collection . It introduced the legendary Doctor Bag (dozens of firms already have) and has demonstrated its vision applications providing it XXL . Dark colors like black, midnight blue or oxblood are the protagonists.


  • The Spanish Lavand premiered store in Madrid and in it the visitors will find a very original application. It is like a giant mirror a mobile screen that makes it were a picture of what you're trying (if you want). In this way you can upload directly to social media to ask your friends opinion on whether or not to buy that garment.


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