Monday, November 26, 2012

Want to go dressed in Balmain, Peter Pilotto or Carven for Christmas? Topshop clones allow us

balmain topshop

Topshop's not a hair cut. And the inspiration for his Christmas collection is clear: the Baroque Balmain, the digital prints of Peter Pilotto and upholstery fabrics in their collections Carven autumn have given all your ideas for Christmas 2012 holiday collection.

Topshop or Balmain

Is the copy lighter. There are hoodies, corsets, shorts, dresses with added gold, pearls applications, and prints that Balmain proposed for this fall. For much less money, though. I reloaded and if carried to party more.

topshop balmain2

Peter Pilotto Topshop or

Digital Prints in shades of blue, dark patchwork optical games. The dress is not identical to that of Peter Pilotto but the idea is there.

Peter Pilotto topshop

Topshop or Carven

The copy is less clear (much to my dismay, because Carven every time I like and would not mind having something like that in my closet, but cheaper), change the pattern, colors change, but the idea of catching fabrics carpets and sofas from centuries past and make a dress with them there.

topshop carven

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