Saturday, November 10, 2012

Want to look stylish this holiday without recharging? Choose black and white

taylor swift black white

According to the responses we're getting to the question of what will wear on New Years Eve , excesses and overly ornate everything is out. disguised not want to go on holiday. And when the last thing you look at the famous festivals and other occasions, I'll take your idea, I can easily copy my closet with clothes: white and black refer to as a commandment. If already said Coco Chane l, are two colors that are always elegant. And for the most elegant occasions.

I like going the always elegant and Taylor Swift ultraperfecta through Paris, dressed in simple black and white but with adequate complemntos can serve for the party.

Elle Fanning not go wrong at the party promotional Ginger and Rosa with her ​​white blouse and black skirt flight, although the size of the loop I think is excessive and that hair is left too Tyrolean for my taste.

elle fanning black white

And I love the set with lace transparencies and singer Katharine McPhee was a charity event against malaria. Her skirt is cream, but all work equally well (or better) with a white skirt flying.

katharine mcphee black white

If you seek elegance in black and white for this holiday season, I recommend taking a look at Mango's winter collection . That is the style I want.

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