Saturday, November 24, 2012

Warning trend that does not sit well: the dresses turned into the wahoo of smiths

Natalia Vodianova

A fashion liked the quirky, try to turn into wearable garments less desirable by all. The fact vary both basic and try to sell different ideas. Just make myself peplum success but then actually saw barely running down the street. In recent days I see too many dressed in overalls and converted back to think the same, as with this look of Natalia Vodianova .

No talk of denim dungarees that we saw last summer, but this looks like a hybrid wahoo between lifetime and kitchen apron or overalls of a blacksmith in his workshop. I do not see that favors whatsoever.

Natalia Vodianova

Fitted to the waist, with a plummeting skirt, pockets on the front, which takes even Natalia Vodianova for comfort despite being a little detail consistently recommended, a breastplate straight up and two thick straps on a little blouse flattering cut in the shoulders as manga.

I do not remember where I've seen this kind of dresses and monkeys but have emerged gradually and reserved for those with true style as Vodianova, that you put it out well, or not so bad. Hope you do not get to win.

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