Monday, November 26, 2012

What if you want to have models to bloggers?


I may seem heavy or repetitive and sorry, but is that the blogger phenomenon I have ever hallucinated. And that page I go, I see that your page protagonist is the new image of a fashion. And the truth is that create impact and get people talking about them, or just meet new firms. This is what happened to me to see the latest work by Gala Gonzalez for Gina Tricot: I had no flowers of this brand. And what, affordable prices and the most varied models.


I've come around and I hallucinated the prices of everything. Well let's face it, a minidress paillettes packed in a low-cost store starts from 50 euros minimum. And why spend da club, that although we can give a treat once in a while, we know that we will not monetize. In this case the garment in question costs less than 30 euros.


We also have the case of Aida Domenech and Friday's Project. The protagonist of Dulceida sees as his fame increases as the foam so it will be the stylist of this image and signature one day give it thought to be missing.


And finally we have the endless idyllic love story between White and Lovelypepa. Again, the blogger will be the image of his party collection.


And is that the pose in front of a camera every other day also have thousands of followers and make them be perfect to star in campaigns, create collections and outfits for these firms trying to attract attention in these difficult times as those Coreen.

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