Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What to Pack and what not! next Christmas


Christmas bells ring, ding ding the Santa Claus, the surfeit of nougats and parties galore. Sound to me do you? And while waiting time is allowed to advise you what mistakes not to make and do not avoid hits in the coming Christmas looks. Sarah Jessica Parker and Mischa Barton help me in this endeavor.


Let's start with the good, optimism always ahead. Sarah Jessica Parker made ​​a day goes foxes, read: like all others, with your bad hair day, their comfortable jeans and no makeup face with dark circles because little has given Mr.Scrooge have nightmares. But at night and partying, things change.


She suggests in his last public appearance two maxims must not forget: If your dress is hyper sophisticated, with glitter and sequins, relaxed styling with a more casual hairstyle. Rococo Nothing bows higher than the Eiffel years not lie beyond tasteless.

Second: Be demure in supplements: a good gem, good shoes and a clutch. Ready and finite.


Mischa Barton dear, she has not had time to read me and has appeared in this fashion in Australia. Did not I say that modesty in supplements and nothing to get all up haphazardly? Do not forget this: there is nothing worse than trying to simulate being in Ascot and not be (or keep up).

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