Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When the color of the look is the least

total look gray

If pro fashionistas spend their lives in black and gray, for nothing right? For both black and gray colors that are stylized, elegant feel, are easy to combine and allow you to play more with the cuts, volumes, overlays, textures and shapes risky. With them you can get simple and stylish looks. Many times we do not look further. So there is a good portion of looks in that color is not important.

The Spanish stylist Barbara Martelo membership voguettes privileged group to all hunters photos immortalize, uses and abuses of these colors to make this look in his daily uniform.

barbara martelo

The models-off-duty as Kasia Strauss are other great defenders of black combination with anything and everything. The other is much more interesting to look at the cartoon of the gray jersey skirt with the leather flight.

black and gray

And if you want the look be too sad and gloomy (Halloween is over), add some white light.

black and white

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