Monday, November 5, 2012

Where are you going? Be what you are accompanying response Mango


What I like about a lookbook is find one that looks for all occasions: to go with friends, work and go clubbing. And the new catalog Mango November meet expectations, and that we can find outfits for every occasion imaginable. Outfits I love the pictures, so I think I'll print a couple (or three) and go to the store for all the pieces of the puzzle.

Like it always happens: once in store not remember what I saw and not just buying everything I like.


Working with style

For many going to the office means be dressed in a certain way. The suits and ladylike style must be present, but often lose our essence and we just putting more years we do not like anything. Call me shallow or whatever but if I'm comfortable with myself and at ease, I pay more. So I find these looks perfect for girls who have to be arranged in an office but want to avoid at all costs the typical pencil skirt-suit.


Trousers, blazer and top peplum can be a good combination of cool.


For a more casual evening than ever

There are times when I want to meet with my friends but not to wear. Add to perfect but not fix. Achieving great tandem and disheveled is harder than we think, but if you look at these looks might we achieve what we seek.


The wool sweaters monopolize much prominence and should be combined as ever with jeans, miniskirts and all those that we want to look at the time.



Arabian Nights

The looks are the most difficult nights. So are clothes that you know you can put only on occasion, and that throws me back. But seeing the items separately can be leveraged to go to the office (such as their pencil skirts).


Maybe this Christmas I dare to wear a velvet pantsuit, and I love the effect elr esult!


But if you are faithful to dresses, you can find yours among these options. Which do you prefer?



Are you convinced this new lookbook?

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