Wednesday, November 28, 2012

With stilettos not impossible! Ultra comfortable shoes for parties


When the holidays arrive Atusa one body and soul is to be the prettiest of the night. But there is a party pooper all that comes and ruins the fun. On Christmas Eve and party pooper s that sometimes is not a person, but a complement: shoes. High heels, spiky stilettos thin knife which literally killing us and not let us enjoy. Shout enough! Comfortable shoes are there to party?

Rise to a platform


We must shine and what better than gold? Pura Lopez always innovative in their molds and this mary jane platform would expect. His masculine touch makes it look perfect with a woman smoking in iridescent ocher do you dare?


If I should stay with an international firm this would definitely be Marni. Their molds is always ahead and mixtures thereof, almost impossible, are always amazing.


Not that my heels is prohibited or means the ruin of the night, but you need to choose them well. For this it is best with a good platform and heel width. That will allow you to get on the heights. Pura Lopez These are inner platform and wedge rhinestone spectacular.

Medium heel


Retro, very retro. With fashion so popular Rococo, wedged booties century style is the perfect finish, for example, a chocolate skirt with bodice. Boots in velvet Serpent and Andrea Milian.


With tassels, one of the trends of the coming winter and rhinestone back but remains and shines especially during the holidays. That and medium heel makes these heeled loafers Ursula Mascaro.


I love heels means. They have a point hyper feminine and not force us to walk like a duck, or worse, hurt the most festive night of the year. Beige and medium heel for 49 euros from Zara.


If the heel is hyperfine, better be medium. Otherwise we run the risk of falling and even fracturarnos ankle heel if the base is weak. Perfect for a lady of luxury for 49 euros from Zara.



Dorothy has new shoes, but there are some mary janes. I love these dancers with gold strass Gina for Selfridges.


The slippers we know that they go out from home and that is the most glitter. Connect both concepetos is very successful and perhaps as if New Year's Eve party shoe is not the most opportune why not bring in our bags for these "inconveniences" midnight in which we can not bear standing with our heels? Zara Slippers.

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