Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Without stockings in the cold? A Miranda Kerr does not care

miranda kerr without stockings

The truth is that I do not understand. It's freezing and many are reluctant to use the means. As Miranda Kerr, who usually dresses usually fairly reasonable (and of course, always stylish), but we've seen walking around New York dressed in this manner. I have nothing to reproach the rest of her outfit. I love how she's dressed, with her ​​skirt flying, his boots, his shirt buttoned up and studded denim jacket, in the latest fashion.

I also like the detail of the hat and bag leather pattern. But I do not understand the fashion of going without socks. One idea that bloggers tend to practice regularly. At least for the photo. Just then placed the means at full speed, get off those heels-scaffold and dress like the rest of us in normal life.

Do not have a cold? How bad are the means? Can you explain someone this strange phenomenon?

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