Sunday, December 30, 2012

Advance Spring 2013 catalog of H & M: a sunbeam ohohoh

hm spring

Looking forward to give us the first rays of sun on your face. The first rays of the year, do not bother. So as soon as cleared in stores across the avalanche of holiday dresses in a microsecond and shelves have filled with spring collections of brands. One of the first to offer a preview of its Spring 2013 catalog is H & M. New things, things that repeat will you see it?

I see everything in black and white

The graphic prints are a hit in the new season. Stripes and more stripes, but always (or almost) in black and white. In tight dresses or oversize shirt, but I think that all will end in a few months looking through things like Louis Vuitton and his graphics.

2013 hm

And if you go the graphic, the best way to show off that combination is bitonal total look with black and white-ons. As much as we have disowned them (me first) shoes and white bags are already here. And force them, we will end up looking elegant and nothing choni, you'll see, now.

hm 2012 2

The rich pattern

For if we want to encourage even more, we add our first looks stamped spring. Floral dresses, pants patterns, all already seen, but all true.

hm flowers


Among the trends that we see again for another season, we Wise leather as you can with all other trends and seasons. Summer is lightened, but is still used in jackets and short skirts.

hm leather

And as a star pattern, leopard. We thought we were going? To fight and once and for all of it? No, here it is again.

hm leopard

And among the basic parts of the season, as usual, the point of summer, maxibolso, tight dresses, sweatshirts, shirts buttoned ...

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