Saturday, December 8, 2012

American Apparel's sexuality becomes a censor while they are history

American Apparel ad

American Apparel has learned how to play the trick of advertising often censored. It is no longer news that the agency that regulates the standards of the ads in the UK again censoring their ads based on free sexuality, that are too explicit and not passing certain stripe of conservative morality drawn from society. American Apparel knows very well and because of that have grown with a controversial image. The proof is in some of these ads are very close to porn. Ads on their horrible treatment, with a very voyeuristic image forever.

American Apparel ad

Ways to get an overall picture, there are many striking and bold and American Apparel is one of them. If sperm came Benetton 90s as big brand campaigns thanks to controversial American Apparel took place a few years ago addressing a modern cutting public sees this challenge as something attractive and close themselves.

American Apparel provocation

We should not look at the simple announcement that woman is teaching all or that man is completely naked, rather we must see why this brand is more like a tactic because in the end everything is marketing and you have a breast or a penis in the advertisement a few pixels more or a few less but American Apparel, while still being a boring brand, a brand of basic, manages to sell his clothes to over 40 and $ 50. They are very large and a great example of how to succeed with the most basic challenge.

American Apparel censorship

You know the typical brand to endorse this example that we have seen from dwarfs with the image of a donkey with a stick attached to the head from which dangled a carrot. The donkey walked hoping they would eat the carrot. American Apparel goes by that society creates controversy and censorship based his carrots.

And today, American Apparel deserve a page in the history of fashion. Curious.

You can see how it has evolved over the image of American Apparel in this collection Fashionista or Tumblrs as The Girls of American Apparel and American Apparel Advertising .

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