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An English Christmas gifts with 20 to sing "God Save the Queen '

Stella McCartney Natalia Vodianova. Stella McCartney Winter 2012.

If there is a style that I love that is the English style. My closet is a good proof of the crime in this case. Better to think about what you may like or not who go to this Christmas gift do you think you would like, you will save problems and eventually you will end up surprised because while not liking his style. Everything is risk, but with these 20 ideas of the British Isles no failures.

Greet the Prince

English style Christmas gift

The Prince of Wales pattern is one of my favorite British fashion, taste shared with brands like Yves Saint Laurent, fond of it, but to the British tradition of Paul Smith, clear and with the traditional, including Satchel and Chelsea Boots, an idea to renew basic shaped trench.

  • Gabardine Vivienne Westwood Red Label in multiple colors for 240 euros .
  • A perfect dress patterned Paul Smith Prince of Wales for 295 euros .
  • Fashion necklaces mixing different metallic forms and three faux pearls in TopShop for 29 euros .
  • Chelsea boots from Massimo Dutti for 99.95 euros .
  • Now that you have the Satchel is outdated when it comes time to show off. Better choose the original co The Leather Satchel. Depending on the size you choose to have a different price. One 15 inch by 84 pounds .

The Tartan Christmas

English style tartan christmas gift

With the resurgence of plaid scraps not long ago past start to see multiple brands opting for this design. Garments of all kinds such as:

  • Pencil Skirt by Asos shirred 19.45 euros .
  • Burberry chooses for the Jacquard tote bag with a large lateral loop by 1395 euros .
  • A set of Zara dress as the extreme with the tartan, I'll stick with this blazer for 59.95 euros .
  • A pleated miniskirt McQ Alexander McQueen for 550 euros .
  • New famous British design also, as Victoria Beckham. Retro-inspired glasses perfect for 395 euros .

The English countryside

English style jacket christmas gift

The good taste of the islands is transmitted in any detail. English countryside who moves to the city.

  • A jacket to keep renewing the tradition and taste for tweed hand Stella McCartney for 1275 euros .
  • Speaking of tartan, went up to Scotland to take this short dress by Fred Perry 135 pounds .
  • Renowned Alexander McQueen clutch with even more legendary British flag next to a golden skull for 960 euros .
  • The Oxford dotted with more in any detail, the brogues that fast. As these Lottusse for 272 euros .

Mixing English

English style christmas gift boxes

Prints of all kinds, with the primary taste in its different variables box, accessories not go out of style, taste punk ... be for lack of ideas.

  • More Scots among us, in this case Christopher Kane chooses a gingham pattern embroidery with a touch on the body. For 1165 euros .
  • From Jil Sander also see more pictures this time with hints of pencil strokes in this skirt for 520 euros .
  • The timeless houndstooth is chosen by Mango for these winter days wool for 29.99 euros .
  • Paul Smith collaborates with Christy's in this quintessential English bowler (popularly known as the bowler). For 125 euros .
  • The memory format punk plating Bershka in this belt for 12.99 euros .
  • For those infatuated by the English flag and see what McQueen excessive Pull & Bear in one of the bags are fashionable cotton worn with the Union Jack. For 9.99 euros .

Now, in chorus:

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