Monday, December 24, 2012

Are we out of ideas for Christmas? Daisy Lowe gives us their proposals with H & M

What you going to wear tonight? And from here a week? Surely many people have you asked these questions, but I still can not answer, because although I have said a thousand times 'this year is not going to happen', I happened again. I have no idea what I'll wear. Although I may arise some ideas after seeing the video where Daisy Lowe gives us ideas for tonight's hand H & M.

Is your first choice? A black and white look where a pencil skirt gives it that feminine touch that we like women sometimes. Velvet garments are very good option, but as a fashion as ephemeral scares me make a great buy Jan ste material and that from here a few days already outdated.

While the best option is to hand brilli brilli dress that blends perfectly with thick black tights and blazer of the same color.

Do you clear what you are going to wear?

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