Saturday, December 29, 2012

Attention all units: the fanny pack back

primark fanny

With the waist is a bit like bell bottoms, they are there every season but only a few dare to take. With this revival of the 90 we are taking the fanny was impossible not seek its place in our wardrobe. Yes, did you find?


The main weakness that had so far is that no brand was ready to make room in their lookbooks but that has changed "thanks" to last Primark catalog, which can be characterized as 100% style and 90 in which in one of the photos we see a model with fanny.

And it seems that this trend also has the blessing of Leandra Medine, and we know that what Leandra touches turns to gold. Is 2013 the year of the fanny pack?

Photo | Manrepeller
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