Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beyond size 40: what trends and which do not look for Kim Kardashian and her sisters

kim kardashian peplum

Among so many famous skinny to ever get over everything seems fine (is it about having body hanger), I find it interesting to see what looks Kim Kardashian. It is true that sometimes falls into the most extreme chonismo, but his style is refined from coming out with Kanye West. Since the contribution to the fashion world as a designer of the rapper has been a failure, at least in this dimension if you notice his influence. I also wonder how many of the outfits that Kim would look as if a girl wears thin and we crossed many of chonis simply because the girl has curves.

Trends yes

The peplum seems that the trend is not appropriate if your hips are wide as standard, but where to look you in the sinuous body of Kim Kardashian, works great. And more leather and black. Such tight dresses, which marked the waist, finished in a pencil skirt, are best suited for a figure like yours. It has a well built body, it is best not to hide, and show off silhouette lady.

kim kardashian white

You can even allow offenders dresses and waist forefront whenever be marked with thin belts.

kim kardashian white2

The suits and blazers that structure balanced shoulders bodies such guitar (and I know from experience).

kim kardashian dress

The black pants leave the conflict zone in the background.

kim kardashian black and white

A black monkey is a good choice for partying. The vee neckline is very styler to draw a vertical line on your figure. Best Girls are not shameful, and Kim certainly is not.

kim monkey

This time we go with her ​​sister, Kourtney Kardashian, to point us to the flared skirts are a major problem areas as costume XL rear, hips or thighs plump, whenever be defined waist.

Kourtney Kardashian

Trends that

When you have a well laid back, yes, but bigger, better not put in too much evidence. A skinny pants and a jacket too short we do not put a great look for Kim this.

kim kardashian jeans

We always trying to cover our beautiful Kardashian tambourine and without qualms to show the full. This time we give a no to this tight skirt Kim's sister, Khloe Kardashian. Addition with these skirts so short you spend your life stretching to not show too much, which is most uncomfortable.

Khloe Kardashian

The solution to this problem: a longer jacket or a shirt long enough to cover the area to hide. And better in dark to not stand out. This look fits.

kim kardashian pants

Another look that I do not see the most famous Kardashian is this set with baggy pants. Not bad, but the set is too bulky and shapeless.

kim kardashian slacks

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