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Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester: the evolution of the most posh of Gossip Girl

leghton meester 2007

Who would have thought in 2007 that Gossip Girl was going to go that far? They started talking about this series so many good times has given us fond of fashion and now ends forever Who has seen and who sees you, Leighton Meester! To Gossip Girl, it's time to do a review of their style, their best looks and his gaffes (any, Hayles).

Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl

blair waldorf

We love his preppy style, and look forward and want their coats and colored tights, your bags type lady, their flowery dresses, impossible heels, their posh girl supplements (including pearl) and stores soon set out to replicate their style that all we could get hold of him.

blair waldorf2

Without doubt, the best have been their ball gowns: Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, Zac Posen ... Everyone wanted to dress the queen of Upper Side New Yorker. Luxury and more luxury that left us open-mouthed.

blair gala

Great moments also left us looking outfits a duet with his friend Serena enemy. Menudas two. Always shopping, always festive, always intriguing, falling in love, getting angry ...

serena blair

blair serena2

So we stopped to remember their great wedding dress ... on the run.

blair girlfriend

But in recent seasons the perfect styling exercise that was declined Series (becoming a parody of himself), as he had previously declined the script, and had to give way to the set of Gossip Girl. By the way, do you know who is the gossip queen? A totally unexpected ending, right?

blair granny

Outside standard

Out of the series, Leighton Meester has been refining his style much. It began in 2007 as a young cute, simple, innocent ...

leighton 2007

And gradually with daring outfits riskier over trend.

leighton meester After passing through the hands of a stylist.

Although in some time, has been very badly advised by stylists and makeup artists, much as shoes shone forefront of Nicolas Kirkwood. Too sexy desire and groundbreaking style, that he had no very well.

leighton kirkwood

One of the highlights of his style was in 2009, at the Emmys, wearing a long dress in green, with great detail on the neckline and shoulders, Bottega Veneta.

bottega leighton

But the truth is he has not had trouble dressing well, once the best designers lend you what you want: Chanel, Prabal Gurung.

leighton chanel, Prabal

The series led to the covers of magazines and star in ad campaigns like Missoni in 2011.

leighton magazines

As I like it with sweet looks with lace and nude tones.

leighton meester

Although in his last public appearances has decided to turn her look more sophisticated and even has a haircut.

leighton 2012

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