Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Gifts 2012: girly, I love girly!


If you had to choose a style for every day wear what would? Mine would definitely be what I call girly: a touch naive, one female and occasionally a touch sexy. Although at one time was fashionable not so now many stores and brands you'll find gifts to give and take.

Full Look

To not bother looking around, a complete look very Blair Waldorf to give away if I would be eternally grateful.

White gloves for 8 euros.

Umbrella Berryfields pink heart

Organza Dress Miss Selfridge 72 euros

Zara Chanel Belt type.

Embroidery and beading


What would a very young girl without the feminine touches of lace, jewels and embroidery?

Camomilla lilac bag for Berryfields by 14.50 euros

Egyptian-inspired Bib Necklace Zara.

White collar Zara applications.

Dressed in rhinestones applied for 125 euros Miss Selfridge

A not last, very last


Only bold, look who like that special touch that everyone looks down the street A deer hit with VAT? Yeah! Mom? Noel booties? Yesss!.

Blanquita deer headdress of Forests for Berryfields, 49.50 euros .

Noel Mom Treads of Andrea Milian to Horus .

Balenciaga Dress Zara copy.

White jewel peplum dress for 39 euros .

Dress me


The dresses are the most sought after and desired garment these holidays. These proposals will allow you to show off at Christmas and after.

White Lace 35 euros .

Vivien of Holloway Dress for Berryfields for 109 euros

Sweetheart neckline dress from Miss Selfridge 70 euros

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