Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas sweaters are not tacky

primark Primark

Today is Christmas Eve and Christmas morning ... the song says. The carols are somewhat typical of Christmas, a little obsolete but that will always be there, something similar happens with the typical Christmas sweaters. They are part of our childhood memories. Always had a mother, well-intentioned, we put the sweaters for Christmas card or photo-town Aunt wove us one as Christmas present. For winter 2012/2013 are trend, seeing is believing. You girls? Dare to them?

Christmas sweaters collage asos Asos

Many brands have rescued the trend of Christmas sweaters, I think is pretty funny, but not to look on weekdays but for special occasions and at Christmas.

Colin Firth

What to wear sweaters with Christmas is something distinctly American. For example, in the film "Bridget Jones's Diary", Colin Firth wears a Christmas sweater with a reindeer , as I said my partner Charlie in a previous post. There are even online stores where you can buy sweaters Christmas more "ugly" in the world.

ptimark Primark

What to look tacky Christmas sweaters have become fashionable. In the United States organize parties, rallies, even the day of going to the office with Christmas sweaters ... I doubt that Spain gets to sink this fashion, but you never know. Merry Christmas!

urban Urban Outfitters

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