Friday, December 28, 2012

Cloned and plundered: putting the view to 2013


Since it is Friday we have to talk about our section Cloned and plundered: the last of 2012. But we know for a fact that if digit change, firms continue cloning other to offer the must of voguettes affordable. And the clothes are a must comprise all the signature Isabel Marant, and never hurts her inspiration (although the years pass). So when I saw this sweater Bershka my mind was clear: I want it in my closet that of it now.

But if what you want is a twist on Monday to dismiss the year I would try one of the crowns that I mentioned yesterday Oysho : Maison Michel is inspiring. Do not miss the lace and the different touch to say goodbye to 2012 and give the most glam welcome the new year.


You stay? With any of these proposals?

In Jared | Cloned and plundered: H & M is as uninspired as I
In Jared | Stella McCartney?? Givenchy?? Zara?? No dear, Choies

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