Monday, December 10, 2012

Dismisses the year with sexy lingerie and garnet, forget the red

Oysho Oysho

To end the year not only have to think of our look on the outside, also inside. In this post I show some proposals for lingerie and corsetry full of elegance and sensuality. And this year end points: Garnet color red dominates.

Lace Lingerie

Gemma Gemma

The maroon has become one of the trend-setting shades this winter. And not just what we see in outer garments, also in intimate cosets.

Lace is the most repeated tissue, is the most romantic and in my opinion, the one with the more intimate espetaculares styling. Proof of this is seen in these images and in sets of two parts or bodys, returning to take. It is very elegant and sophisticated pieces.

Oysho Oysho

Oysho and Gemma bet on this fabric, combined with fine silks and sheer fabrics, but always with a vintage twist, which is what you get. Returns the high waist brief thong and practically disappears.


Selmark Selmark

The New Year is a piece sexiest star: the bodice / corset. Enhance the figure because they are pieces notches and also enhance the chest. Such garments are often carved with designs in relief.

Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Selmark and collections housed in these two fascinating looks with garters included.

Simpler pieces

Women'secret Women'secret

If your style is simpler, proposals chooses to wear then serve you daily. Padded bras, and one ring like Women'secret corseted, very flirty thanks to details like bows or polka dots in relief, combined with simple culottes or pants.

Etam Etam

The garnet is found in various shades, from darkest to cherry sexier.

Intima Cherry Intima Cherry
Maidenform Maidenform

In Jared | Dulce (and sexy) and Women Secret Christmas with its new collection
In Jared | The End of the year? Parting out 2012 pretty and sexy on the inside by Oysho

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