Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fashion and blogs 125: NY and J. Mendel, the basic Natasha Goldenberg and fashion that enters the eye

J Crew

New look at some interesting topics that we see on blogs Españolé s. This week we have fresh news from NY by the hand of Adrian Salvador, the basic classical style of Natasha Goldenberg and the original with some stores to display their products.

Rarely have the opportunity to know what is going to put to within firms as J.Mendel. But thanks to Lady Grett and especially Adrian Salvador , we find out what's happening in the scene fashionista in the Big Apple.


There are clothes and accessories that gradually have carved a niche in history become true icons: the Chanel 2.55, the Carré Hermès, loafers Tod's ... Shopaholic collects them all in his " 10 classic and basic (named own) ".

The Russians are slowly taking over the street style and another example of the good quarry is Russian Natasha Goldenberg . The best friend of Miroslava Duma for walks and parades (and street style blogs) like he owned the place.

The fashion enters the eye and the stores know it. So companies like J Crew or Zara put all eggs in one basket when it comes to display their products. has proven so Miss at la Playa.

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