Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fashion and blogs 127 a year is over, and we have to take stock

Ion Fiz

It has just 2012 and it is time to take stock of the year gone. In fashion blogs, all posts are divided between party outfits and Christmas cards, but there are many who cast a look back to see what has given him this year.

For designer Ion Fiz, 2012 has been a good year, as reviewing Flashes of Glamour , and has served 10 years in the fashion world, has marched in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, has collaborated with major brands, designed the Dress her friend Raquel Sánchez-Silva, and has taught at the Museum of Guetaria Balenciaga.

Not a bad review that makes Two women and a vestid or the best dressed of 2012. The Red Carpet has left us a lot of transparency, lots of lace, lots of rhinestones and exquisite dresses simplicity. I'll stick with the Tom Ford of Gwyneth Paltrow How about you?

gwyneth paltrow tom ford

We can also stop and remember old covers of Vogue UK, the blog of Cool and Chic , who always spends the December to Christmas, to congratulate the year and remind us that we are party. In photography or illustrated, these covers are a gem.

Christmas vogue

One of the most anticipated releases of 2012 (and will also to talk about next year) is the film Les Miserables. Her wardrobe (of which we have spoken in Trendencias) is noteworthy and blogs as I do not get bored , review it thoroughly. In addition, clothing is the bonus that is designed by the Spanish Paco Delgado.

Party dress sometimes means nothing but add a little detail to your look, a touch of red, or heels to make you feel special when you wear. As we show Le Chic Room is not good way to congratulate Christmas with shoes?


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