Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Garance Doré and basic knowledge to walk in heels

During these days many will opt to go to a party with heels. Star are footwear for such events but there are many who have no idea how to walk in them, therefore, Garance Doré recorded during the last fashion week in Paris a video explaining how to walk with them.

But Garance is not the only that gives a basic move when the heels rise, many shoe designers have given their advice to walk with them:

Nicholas Kirkwood:

Walking in high heels is all about confidence. I have been told to do it like you're walking on tiptoe.

Christian Louboutin:

If Tina Turner and Prince's band can perform with them for three hours I can not say it is impossible to walk with them. The heels are a mixture of pleasure and pain, if you can not walk in them, do not use them.

Manolo Blahnik:

If you feel unsure the best way to practice is to walk on the balls of your feet in the pool or on the beach, the movement is the same.

Giuseppe Zanotti:

When shopping for a new pair of heels, you go up and down the stairs 10 times. Stairs are the hardest, so if you can with them, you can do everything else.

Brian Atwood:

Practice, try to walk with a book on her head. It will be difficult at first, but you will. The higher the heel, the more practical need. In addition, the position is the key.

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