Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013! Instagram and celebrates the new year

blo_01 The blogger Tuula has welcomed 2013 with love

It is January 1, 2013 in some countries, and the first to have been celebrating all those who were in Australia. Therefore, many of the bloggers who follow and characters Australians via Instagram we noticed that they have already welcomed the new year.

And that have hung their particular images in Instagram: Tuula blogger has done with much love and congratulated its more than 333,000 fans with a picture of her and her Boyfriend? Apparently.

Less than 5 hours to get into this 2013 I want to wish the best for this new year: health, work, love and style. Now is make do, choose the best outfit for tonight (which they say is the most special) and start with a very good start. Yo, just in case, I will look red underwear.

Happy new year!

Photos | Instagram @ Tuula
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