Thursday, December 27, 2012

Have a Christmas preppy or sexy? The dresses that will make you star of the holidays

Do you love the style of Blair or Serena? Have one day preppy or sexy? Want an elegant New Year's Eve or female? If you have no answer to these questions but I want to amaze for the holidays, keep reading, you'll find options for both styles. We like that young lady wants to be stretched to purchase Tiffany and drinks tea at the Plaza and crazy young, sexy and feminine. I mingle both!

With Preppy P


A woman always looks preppy rich fabrics, soft and expensive. Lace, brocades and velvets are your favorites and if you accompany some jewelry detail better. White velvet dress.


A young upper class is demure but elegant, not like showing too much skin but do not be a prude. Dressed in champagne bubbles Fever London to Berryfields. .


I particularly like the basic tones but always seasoned with something that emanates luxury and ostentation. Black dress with pearls applications from Miss Selfridge.


How could I miss highborn lace for girls who love fashion us chic? Do not hesitate and Epata this holiday season with a dress with lace applications like this from Miss Selfridge.


And if we want volume, tulle, lace and vintage flair will find it in this skirt Berryfields you should combine with tight tops.

S of sexy


It's sexy but not obvious, is feminine, wild and likes to play with life and with men. His clothes are like her, obvious but not aggressive, sexy without going over, make curves and stands above the rest. Sequin Dress Miss Selfridge.


She is dangerous and feline. His eyes are like those of Taylor, I look at you and challenge. A perfect dress for a night out is a leopard print from top to bottom.


What do you think this looks Miriam Ocáriz that Laura Sanchez? Find it at the online store of Horus.

More sensuality, more crowded, more wood! Did you think of a New Year with this sexiest dress with beading asymmetric stretch of Miss Selfridge?

Photo | Paula R

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