Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to get simple but great? Here the solution


After the holidays, banquets, family and thinking all the time what to wear to go super stylish, body and your wardrobe will ask for a break. So fancy dress easily without much complication. Although sometimes it is super simple and as difficult combination we gave up trying. But they have done and can take as inspiration.

So grab your lumberjack shirt and combine it with those jeans that you love and accompany you for years. If you want to give it a more chic can opt for high heels, but flat is good option.


The red pants, oxblood and burgundy are the most we've seen this season. And combined with a dark coat combination makes it very easy to carry, simple and perfect.


And we do ara finish with white and black: black total look with that distinctive touch that makes you stand out from the others. The clothes alone do not have much, but together make it a perfect outfit.


Do you inspiraréis in any of these?

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