Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to wear the Zara top of mirrors? They give us ideas,


For this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 Zara launched a sort of jeweled cardigan ideal for dressing our outfits. The first reaction I had to see it was a want it!, But immediately let out a how do I put this?. Yes, it is difficult to use an item and priced a bit high, so I decided to leave it back in place. But now I regret to see it put: I like in each of its representations.

And is that for these special days or for an event where the label is served and you bring a twist, this feels great accessory with a long maxi dress. I like seeing the result and this Mango dress last year.


But if you look a maxivestido wearing it because you do not find any ground, you can go out to dinner with a black jersey and this accessory on top and you're divine and perfect as Sara from Collage Vintage.


Now I just wait to see if it is available on sale ...

Photos | Madame Rosa , Instagram @ collagevintage
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