Saturday, December 29, 2012

How we dress our kids on New Years Eve? Tori Spelling (surprisingly), gives us the key


Tori Spelling is a paragon of style glamor is very debatable. Even in the days of feeling of living, their styles were so inappropriate and lacking in taste as sometimes the plot of the series. But considering how it has prepared their kids this Christmas season in which they have been seen by Los Angeles has given me an idea for supermamis.

A supermami today is aware of what that will look at New Year, from your diet, you will not get out of hand this Christmas dinner for everyone and work out, and you have it indoors. Not to add more chores here's a great proposal for little kids. Easy copy and buying.

The essential elements are a bow tie and velvet blazer for small and gold skirt and sequined belt for the girl.

Do you urge one?

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