Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I? Fashionista? Yes! Gifts to surprise the fashion lovers


Any self-respecting fashionista who loves fashion. All styles, not surprisingly some that never ever thought that we would get a recommendation falls honcho. Love fashion, designers, garments and it is not what you are trying to make our particular art styles. But when someone has given him a fashionista ...

We can scream for help. I have (or believe) have it all and do not have and want so hard that is not within our means. As possible as there are so many readers here are several proposals of high and low cost gifts.

Walking Day


If we want something to look your best day is a garment that is not exaggerated but it is the last (and we're sure you do not have).

  • Transparent umbrella made ​​famous the Gossip Girls Isotoner and costs 28 euros
  • Tweed skirt in mustard colored knee length by Primark
  • Meetings with dyed python strap and wedge Asos
  • Peplum to wear with any outfit from Zara for 19.95 euros .

    Fashion Night


For the night is the best decoration and recharge joyones butt, shiny, and very festivaleras exaggerated clothes, but other than barateras.

  • Neck Bib convenient to change any of your looks of Zara
  • Dressed in black lace maxi volume of Asos
  • Sets one of the colors of the season, orange, touch of 60s and excessive Prada
  • Maxi jewel emeralds and brilliant mimics Zara

The color of the season


Not fail, give oxblood red or yes. They will know that you are the last and you think they are too.

  • The top looks very retro and sophisticated yet practical are white with a beautiful coat, wool jersey dress with openwork and jewelry applications.
  • Both dressed in velvet and lace down of Asos .

Short or long


  • Length is especially for women who are going to be moms and is Asos Maternity collection
  • The film is also Asos gold brocade and orange, just perfect

Photo | Kayture

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