Thursday, December 27, 2012

If we talk about it girls, Taylor Tomasi Hill we must give a privileged


We continue our journey into the hall of fame of the it girls in fashion today and the day today I bring the redhead Taylor Tomasi Hill. I started to fix it when it was still Director of accessories fashion magazine Marie Claire, but later dropped out to put on your resume Moda Operandi artistic director. Risks with a personal touch and not transferable and dares yet (even with clothes XXXXL Comme des Garçons!).

Teaching the long white legs

If a garment that feels divinely summer and not to show off that's the miniskirt. Infarction has legs and knows it, so you can each time we leave the show for everyone there with his mouth open. Boasting of his former title in the fashion magazine, accessories are a must on their outfits, necklaces and bracelets risking the most daring.


If there is an article not quite like me are the dresses below the knee: I'm short and it makes me much more this type of clothing, so I avoid it at all hours. But she delivers them to perfection, so when I think: I also want.


Who wears the pants better than anyone?

When I think weeeks Fashion outfits put aside the jeans because I think they are not suitable for an event of this caliber. Most girls take their best clothes and show us his quirky style. But Taylor opts for jeans and makes your look is flawless and urbane.


Even if I have to decant for one of their looks are where the striped bell bottoms or tweed are the protagonists. I do not think I defend them just as she and is likely to go out with a look so people would look at me strangely, but I see her and my eyes do Chiribitos.


What do you think of this girl?

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