Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kate Moss: the iconic iconic model covers


From the beginning of race or K ate Moss has enjoyed success that few models have been and will meet, but not only lived the British catwalk, there are many publications that have chosen it as a cover image of the publication, and among them, these are the best.

From the beginning we highlight mainly two: The Face in 1990, one of his first cover and the most widely released in the UK, and this one, with almost no makeup and her angelic face 19 years to Vogue UK in 1993. The first of many times that the British model would appear in that header.


Although much of the covers that made ​​Kate only we can see the face, or at most to the waist, also found other, like this one from Harper's Bazaar Australia (August 2012) or this one from the September 2010 Vogue UK in which the model appears in all its glory and in dark colors above, one of the hallmarks of the model street style.

Kate Moss covers

They are all that are but are not all they are. Do you remember any other cover of Kate you liked most? ? The latest issue of Vogue Spain perhaps ?

Kate Moss, the model only in Trendencias

Photo Gallery

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