Monday, December 10, 2012

Kate Moss, personally no big deal


Sometimes I feel like a freak, and that in some respects go against what everyone says or thinks. A clear example is that of Kate Moss: When I set out to write about this particular I stayed out because he did not share the same taste to it that all my colleagues. So I wanted to write this post desmarcarme and where I announce my opinion (and that of many other people who feel in my same position). And I personally think that this top model so dear is overrated and that basically no big deal.

From scruffy and not caring the least, Kate has always been divine for many people while I was horrified to see what images as.


I do not like to praise the people who constantly brown bundle and British model does every day. Obviously acknowledge their work and merit and that marked a before and after, but now. And after seeing it live at the awards Mango Buttercup my opinion plummeted. Being a public figure and image of a company gives a lot of responsibility, and you can not go from haughty and photo deny some poor girls who have been waiting all night to get close to you (for example).

mos_03 Kate Moss, years ago, in a London nightclub

His performance was disappointing to be smoking in an enclosed knowing it was forbidden, but doing it for the simple fact that 'you're Kate Moss'. But here the fault was not yours but those responsible to let him make winking. I know people are giving them a second chance, but it's a character that catches my attention.


I know nothing about likes writing and that my opinion is shared by only a small minority. Although I must admit that the UK has a very personal style QHA been among the most imitated worldwide ...

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