Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kristen Stewart is exceeded with transparencies, otherwise to be sexy

Kristen Stewart

Something's wrong with the stylist or who bears the image of Kristen Stewart. Not to make the actress famous for the saga ' Twilight 'appears in public with transparency and dresses that allegedly show her sexy side. Well what I say supposedly because this last election again be unsatisfactory.

Kristen Stewart transparencies

With this Catherine Malandrino dress Kristen Stewart played little mystery of concealment with various horizontal bands between rhinestones and golden appearance. A dress that's less than sexy, besides being the opposite of her wardrobe. Although in several of his last appearances has improved his style this time I threw away.

kirsten dunst

Beside him, in a special pass from the movie 'On The Road' in New York, Kirsten Dunst showed her as if you can go without falling pretty in crude tricks. More lady like and party, pretty well.

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