Thursday, December 13, 2012

Like mother (Sarah Jessica Parker), such daughters. When the kids win in style to Mom


Long since Sarah Jessica Parker apparently does not want to give the note day when walking through his neighborhood near Washington Sq Park. Va bland, even deranged, jeans, outerwear and little to tell. Perhaps as Kate Moss wants to spend desapercebida and repeat their looks is the only way forward. His daughters are yet contradict him.


Seeing them wander around Manhattan is a delight and have collected the essence of what your day out mom, especially when dressed for the show. Its styling are comfortable, warm to cold in the city at this point but with a naif who is beautiful.


All details are accurate for a small age. Nothing makes donning with clothes that do not belong, as often happens with Suri Cruise, and are perfect for my cute but also to play like crazy in the park.


Has Sarah Jessica's time in which you have to learn to teach your daughters in these matters? Maybe it has been rather tired of being the center of attention on the street but not that their looks are small.

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