Saturday, December 29, 2012

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 65


We started the weekend with one of those lists that must be borne in mind when traveling to another country. The enjoyment of food is basic to all visits and more if a country like France. In Living with style we wear boots with these French country dishes that can not miss . It makes my mouth water.

We're not going that far, better to nearest town. Which? Cadaqués, Girona, there is the restaurant Share who show us their New Year's Eve menu .

Now that you're home and you're getting ready to go out there, notes the national best albums of 2012 so you can discover the best music.


If we decide on a plan cinephile have ample options, the two most popular are ' The Body 'and' Les Miserables '. Which do you prefer?


A home for the weekend plan, for the more skilled that requires his art: decorate your own mugs . The customization is something our best we can be and that this time it is unique.


Since we are homey, what if we dared to try to make this exquisite marbled chocolate plum cake ? Only the name and motivates get off the couch.


To leave the house in the capital, in the Reina Sofia Museum is a display of one not to be missed: Mary Blanchard in a monograph worthy of the quality of this great painter known for his cubist paintings.


If by some chance you're considering a holiday for Christmas manicure same inspires you these days.

And remember you can still participate in the club Jared with Venca to win a shopping trip to Barcelona . Seize the opportunity!

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