Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Looks created for success, what are you waiting?


There look to the naked eye are made ​​know to succeed. So when I opened my computer today and I made ​​daily tracking I found some perfect for these holidays that we live at all (if the imminent end of the world allows it). And although my mind is synonymous party outfits to sequins and gold, these outfits do not carry anything like but are perfect.

And we start with the mixture of beige and black with a great look (in my case) to the 25th. And is that Christmas meals surrounded by family but I like to fix without looking like a disco ball, and this look is ideal and perfect. Although if you want to try a dress can do with one red. To give you all the attention you deserve, combine it with clothing and accessories in black. What do you think?


Even for those who do not want to leave the originality parked in the closet, you can emulate the star of Atlantic Pacific. A combined military style coat with trousers clamp emerald green.


What do you think the end result?

Photos | Rebel Attitude , Lola Mansil , Atlantic Pacific
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