Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looks to New Year's Eve: the colors you are going up! All thanks to the dress


I am one of those who thinks that night to dress the best choice is the color black. The truth is that they risk a lot and sometimes I regret it, because when I go to dinner and see my friends with a dress color risque me realize I feel great. So for this New Year I have set me up with my dress colors. Do you sign this fashion?

Zara, where opportunities are realized

I never tire of saying it, but it's true: a lot of you girls ever get tired of that talk of Zara, but it is inevitable. And such is the variety we find that there is always an option that adheres to our current needs. So as a last resort (if you want) you should take this into account.


Think Stradivarius

In Stradivarius we find two very dissimilar options but both phenomenal. In version maxi mini red or electric blue, what you do better for the last night of the year?


  • Long chiffon dress in red, 35.95 euros .
  • Peplum dress with sweetheart neckline in electric blue, 29.95 euros .

Bershka is a good choice

Bershka commitment but basic tones as nude and beige dresses or tight flight to the body. To break the monotony some of these stones in shades adds XXL nuetsro dress to make it all a gem. But if you prefer something more risky bet, the blue will be our choice.


Be the Miss (Guided) party

And for those who want to break out and be the center of attention at all times you must enter Miss Guided, for there your bets are the most bizarre. Paillettes multicolored iridescent red ruffles and many passion.


  • Packed with sequins with iridescent effect, 58.99 lbs .
  • Peplum dress in red, 24.99 lbs .
  • With multicolored paillettes skirt, 27.99 lbs .

What option do you stay?

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