Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looks to New Year: gold dresses to shine at Christmas

Golden Dresses Bdba

Like you're a real bubble Freixenet, one of the fashion trends to wear this Christmas is a golden dress, a perfect choice to shine and make it clear that we are on holiday. Your note hints leave no one indifferent.

Send Sequins

Golden Dresses Dolores Promises

Gold and sequins are laden with dominant party lines. They come in different versions, from long designs for the holidays with more glamor to the sexiest mini dresses.

Golden Dresses Handle

The short dresses predominate over long. Dolores Promises chooses flirty cuts, and Mango by sexy models, fitted silhouette in gold combined with silver or gold bronze.

Golden Dresses Handle
Indi & Cold Indi & Cold

Ornate outfits

Bershka Bershka

Bershka out into the world with one of the imitation of Gucci dresses summer 2012 collection in black, white and gold with fringes. His other proposal is a modeito with one sleeve, something ornate.

Fantastic Company Fantastic Company

And not as ornate, but if the light hurts their movement, the proposal is fantastic company.

SuiteBlanco combinations

White SuiteBlanco

Peplum dresses, sexy eslpaldas air or cross sequins in front and behind thin gauze outfits are sexy White.

White SuitBlanco
White SuitBlanco

The variety of Asos

Golden Dresses Asos

The golden hue is varied. And Asos have several models: from gold to gold more clarito darker bronze baroque and ornate dresses dress combined with black. The sexiest lycra are betting on, as if it were a second skin. Halter neckline, long sleeves, sleeveless, asymmetric ...

Long dresses

Golden Dresses Pedro del Hierro

One of the dresses I like this design is over Pedro del Hierro. A model very feminine lace and velvet, very romantic, only suitable for sophisticated parties.

Lorry Newhouse Lorry Newhouse

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