Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Low-cost trends Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: Life in black and white does not have to be boring


When I think of black and white first thing that comes to mind are those silent films looked older than my grandparents constantly. But if I apply it to fashion, black and white is always a couple that is present there and never abandons us. Today (and applied to real life) would be like the couple of more stable social panorma time. Yes it is true that there are combinations that enjoy more prominence, but none of these last many years in a row. And we must be prepared, for this couple promises to be present throughout the next Spring-Summer 2013.

Made in Zara

Zara is a land of trends, so find a great selection of clothing than you're looking for. But today we look at his clothes and found many choices very different from each other but with a particular characteristic: all are black and white.


The B represents Bershka

But if we think about the next season, we know that this combination of color, stripes and polka dots will flood the stores. Bershka therefore does not hesitate to make a selection of blouses which combined stripes, moles and overlaps are present at all times.


Mango up steps

If a pattern closely linked to this pair of color is houndstooth. Every two comeback seasons but never quite take off. Handle bidding on it and does it in her skirts: minis and pipe, all presented with this legendary print. If I have to choose one I'll take the big print: I like how you feel and that elusive vintage feel.


With the seal of Topshop

The British firm has not Topshop which makes all its clothes are recognized at first glance. This season the brand has tried to apply this trend that today we are talking in a wide assortment of sweaters to shelter the coldest days of winter. Which do you prefer?


White committed supplements

But if you like this trend in perspective and give you just a touch to your outfit end, perhaps it is best to bet on supplements. And one of them may be the bag, so the White Spanish firm offers a variety of evening bags to carry as hand clutch or put it on our shoulders.


Photos | Carolines Mode
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