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Low-cost trends Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: the sweatshirt, the main star of the season

elena Perminova sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are one of the trends of the autumn-winter 2012/2013 . A sports utility garment that has become part of our wardrobe with great force. In the autumn-winter collection 2012/2013 Balenciaga sweatshirts were the main star of Kenzo and sweatshirts are the most popular. The can combine with many garments and the latter is combined with maxi collars.


In Asos have nearly 100 models to choose from sweatshirts. Hooded tacks to match leather skirt or a sweatshirt Disney motif to combine with jeans and give a child touch to the look.


  • Black sweatshirt with soft knitted gold studs on the shoulders and short sleeves, for 38.89 euros.
  • Sweatshirt with printed 101 Dalmatians, for 41.67 euros.
  • Sweatshirt with printed motifs galactic Secret Night Trip, sleeves and gold, for 41.67 euros.
  • Bershka

    In Bershka can find sweatshirts with ethnic details. Predominate in colored sweatshirts and stamped some reason. Ideal to combine with a short jeans and tights.


  • Sweatshirt ethnic motif and fringes, for 22.95 euros.
  • Hooded and letters, for 25.99 euros.
  • White sweatshirt with mini studs detail on the sleeves, for 22.99 euros.
  • Zara

    In Zara have tops over party and dress that we wear with skirts or dresses to give our festive looks with a casual touch. Sweatshirts with sequins or brocades are another option for New Year's Eve.


  • Combined gray sweatshirt with green and black sequins, for 29.95 euros.
  • Sweatshirt brocaded with leatherette detail for 35.95 euros.
  • Fleece Sweatshirt with cross stitch flowers, for 35.95 euros.
  • Pull & Bear

    The hooded flowers are a must. We can use now or fall. They are also trend sweatshirts with animal motifs. Combines hooded animal face with a sequined mini skirt.


  • Hooded flower printed for 17.99 euros.
  • Sweatshirt with animal motifs on the shoulders, for 19.99 euros.
  • Owl Sweatshirt face stamped by 17.99 euros.
  • TopShop

    In Topshop let us fall in love with their sweatshirts with details of tacks. Skulls, hearts and studs for a luxury hoodies.


    Ecru sweatshirt with skull studs, for 49 euros.

  • Sweatshirt tacks texture and detail, for 59 euros.
  • Sweatshirt hearts in front and elbow pads, for 49 euros.
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