Monday, December 10, 2012

Low-cost trends: the jacket that enhances your look

Asos, hair in black jacket Asos, hair in black jacket

We have nothing but the word PARTY head. We walk finalizing gift shopping, clothes for our looks, food, drink, stress often! One of the items that I like to achieve a festive look stylish jackets are special, that you put up more or less normal clothes and get enhance the look and get away from the norm of a typical day. Sequins, velvet, brocades, metallics, details that make them unique, but always in low-cost version.

Black velvet

The velvet has something special that makes it unique. Also hosts more than a normal jacket. It may be black, but also worth versions midnight blue or burgundy. It is one of the materials of the season, so if you decide to wear it these days, be sure to be right. You will find it in black and Uterqüe Zara and Mango dark blue.

Velvet jackets


You wear a sequined jacket over jeans on a black skinnies or a skirt and look shines by itself! If you want to see reflected the lights of the disco, party or bars that go over you, wear a top like this. Son of Zara and Topshop.

sequin jacket

Brocades and metallic

The metallized and brocaded jackets are glowing, textured jackets that stand above all. The silver version is Mango and Mango Asos and you can get to the golden version.

metallic jackets

If you like brocade upholstery type, the jacket you are looking for you will find in Topshop.

topshop jacket

With beads

If your intention is even more striking, choose this jacket Asos. It seems too cantoso combine it with that skirt, but above a cowboy has a point festive vintage 80s style that I like.

Beaded Jacket

A jacket ideal for these holidays is this Zara jacket decorated with pearls, is most balmaniana.

jacket beads

Although all jackets are usually priced up anything above a normal jacket (about 70 euros in Zara, Topshop or rather more in Uterqüe), I like these clothes because they are festive you can reuse later if one day you want to go more arranged.

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