Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mango season is king, or so it seems


It seems that this season of the star items are all Mango bloggesfera. And it seems that more and more share the tastes of the bloggers, as both items were on my wishlist. A few weeks ago I spoke of the phenomenon that caused the coat that mixed with the military trend oversize, today the garment in question is a simple sweatshirt. Yes, those that at first glance do not have much but they become crazy to most. And the view is: you just need to take a walk and see in various outfits.

The good thing about going comparing one to the other is to see how each girl gives a completely different interpretation. Mixing simple clothes, flashy colors or giving out completely opposite of what we all hope. It's the magic of street style ...


And is that anything goes to show off: dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans or skinny. No matter what your style but defend them as best they know.


Personally I like the contrast that causes this garment with red jeans: gray hue stands beside this a positive (at least for me). As it did in summer with indie jersey , this version is already sold out.


Are you the owner of the garment of the moment?

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