Friday, December 7, 2012

Mar Saura is the spectacular body Selmark

Mar Saura Selmark image

Mar Saura is the new face of Selmark. Under the name All women in you, the lingerie firm wanted to recreate four display environments in different aspects of the same woman casual, sophisticated, elegant and stylish. And Mar Saura represents all these notes in a natural pictures without photoshop. I must say.

Mar Saura Selmark image

Romantic lace, transparencies and simple proposals in black and maroon are the notes predominates in this winter collection is divided into four lines. Bianca collection, fits the working woman, preparing for intense days being always perfect. Vintage touches are not lacking in these long days that never seem to end, and of course, comfortable.

Mar Saura Selmark image

For those special moments, as we want to make style, Sea presents Firenze line, with which give a sophisticated touch to our looks.

Mar Saura Selmark image

The party nights are for proposed Bolero, sexy and evocative pieces.

And to stylize the figure, Giulietta is the perfect bet. Perfect curves and dreamy clothes.

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