Friday, December 7, 2012

No pueder be more "cute" than Jessica Alba (even impossible)


Whether an Eskimo hat you look like an impossible depends on the time and place. I always thought so, until I lived in New York and became impossible imperative. From reviled happened to occupy my throne favorite garment chic, warm and comfortable. All that ended when he grabbed the backpack to places less chilly but Jessica Alba is still there.


She however wins me, is already clear, the impossible becomes possible and makes you want to get more difficult over the garment. Consider well your look:

The perfect jacket is spectacular in a beautiful midnight blue with black lapels lined, matching booties are also married with bag mitts and hat.

Let's do it like her, let us look at our next two shades: choose 3 items or accessories bearing one and other 3 who have the other. List. What is the Eskimo hat and just for daring (or very trifling).

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