Friday, December 14, 2012

Noooo! Do not fall into these errors in your looks for the holidays


I confess, I have made ​​many stylistic errors I'm filing with time and wisdom. See some looks of bloggers is just realizing that time, know themselves and make mistakes is what some of them need. They also suffer from blunders, almost disaster but not commit us this Christmas!

And me with this hair

But why lie years of hobby hear. With Blair Waldorf syndrome do not stop ventipocos girls with pearls, headbands and tweed coats Queen Mother but the woman bows to Jesus Gil and grabbed purse pose as the Queen of England is impossible for favors.

Knowing is dressing


Forget what you will wear, think first of what suits you. If you are thin (sometimes too as in the picture), curvilinear, with much chest-chested, tall, short, marked or drooping shoulders ... not anything goes! First analyzes your body and what it does well and then the garment.

He was well until bummed


Everything was fine until the screw up. The look is beautiful, you feel good, your body will give you favors and that final touch to make you dazzle. And you and you spend with makeup or hairstyle. When in doubt, always go for the simplest. Red lips or smoky eyes and not complicate.

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