Saturday, December 1, 2012

One of the best covers of 2013 even without tasting the grapes

Vogue Japan

He has not even finished 2012 and already we could talk about what will be one of the best covers of 2013. The first shock was seeing her with surprise and satisfaction at a great work done by Kenneth Willardt for Vogue Japan, who will draw this cover with its January 2013 beauty supplement form.

The January issue of the magazine is one of the strengths of each season and it shows in the covers we are seeing in these advances these days. Willardt Kenneth's work here reminds me of others I have in mind but whose names I can not remember as much as I'd like. I'm sure you remember something.

Gusto futuristic pop with art by the Danish photographer. The large silver mask covering the face of the model Julia Frauche halve the image, which is dominated by the gray tones in different variables except for the flash of red lips passion detached from each other, in a key position.

Furthermore we add the mixture between statism that transmits the image motion and touch bottom sweep effect, all focused and stopped except the part that makes it more special cover. One of those to keep it there to keep talking about fashion and visual art. If all were well, what great pleasure.

You can see more of Kenneth Willardt in its official website for fashion brands, celebrities, magazines and more ideas. A nice break for the weekend.

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