Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oysho we have a surprise for new year: that day lingerie is not important


Every day Oysho surprised me more! And a good example is his latest lookbook for New Year special. Do you have surprised their proposals in underwear? ask me. NO! And in your pictures does not feature a pajama garment or bra, or anything like that. Only jewelry and hair accessories. How do you stay? I ecstatic to see their fabulous result ...

First of all I've fallen for their crowns: with cat ears and rhinestone metal version or lace Maison Michel made.

The jewel in the crown

The collars in XXL are the stars to decorate our more flirty necklines or dress a look inconspicuous. Floral motifs are the main where rosettes are decorated with hundreds of rhinestones. Also, the colors are as varied and colorful: black, white, pink, blue ...



But if you prefer you can also opt for the headdress / diadem. There are very ornate and bring that special touch so beloved people.


The truth is that if I could I would with each of the versions shown. What do you think? ? Succumb to some of his proposals?

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