Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff?, Leandra Medine and a few others together in a music video? Nothing can come out sane ...


I have done it again: Rebecca Minkoff, Leandra Medine and all his troupe return to the fray with a new music video. And how could it be otherwise, this time the reason is none other than Christmas / Hanukkah / Holidays. Madness, laughter, inconsistencies and much good humor to start the Saturday before Christmas. And as we passed the end of the world I wonder, 'Minkoff team, do you accept in your group of crazies?'

The chosen song is 'All I want for christmas is you', so give and fun to play as I have done. This time blogger Bryan Boy appears as a new addition, and it already smelled long ago when the designer cited him for an interview and a mini story months ago.

Happy holidays!

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