Thursday, December 27, 2012

Requetecómoda with slippers

maroon slippers

As I am from Christmas that much more homey partying (at least now I am mother), there is a trend this season that has me excited. The slippers. Is not this wonderful that fashion has decided that it's okay to go out with slippers? Elegant and comfortable in a single gesture.

In garnet (not burgundy), as it looks Stefanel slippers My fashionable world, seem divine, and also if you combine it with a wool sweater chubby, it seems a perfect look to wear in the street and be very comfortable in the sofa. I write it down.

I also like this look to look good in a meal with in-laws. To look like a good girl all, that's what it is.


And I know this springtime look over, but I love Chiara slippers in shades of silver. Perfect for the holidays do not you think?

chiara slippers

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